Your beers deserve their authentic original malt!

Give your Pils its authentic Czech malt

Your beers deserve their authentic original malt!

Give your Pils its authentic Czech malt

The Czech Republic, a unique beer culture and terroir

Dive into the heart of Central Europe in a setting of impressive cultural richness.

A country of character and tradition, the Czech Republic has an exceptional terroir that has given birth to legendary beers. These beers, the results of this unique heritage and inimitable know-how, have conquered the whole world.

Unique ancestral brewing know-how

1000 years of history

Since the end of the 10th century, Czech brewers have developed remarkable know-how by selecting the best local ingredients to create exceptional beers.

The traditional and essential Pils

First made in 1842 in Pilsen in the west of the country, the famous Pils has survived the centuries to become the national drink of the Czech Republic. It is now exported and consumed all over the world.

Distinctive organoleptic characteristics

Also called Pilsener, Pilsner or Pilsen, Pils is a bottom-fermented beer. It is distinguished by its lightness, its low alcohol content and its beautiful golden, transparent appearance.

Choose our authentic malt for your Pils

Your authentic certified-origin Czech malt

Our barley is grown in the heart of the historic Bohemian-Moravian production areas and benefits from an exceptional terroir in the Hanà triangle. This region, known as the “Malt Capital”, is characterised by its temperate climate and rich soils, which provide perfect conditions for producing high-quality barley.

The barley is then malted locally in one of our malthouses in the purest Czech brewing tradition and steeped in centuries-old know-how. Our oldest malthouse in Prostejov was founded in 1869 by an agricultural cooperative.The engraved stones in the basement and walls of the malthouse testify to this historic know-how, developed and enhanced by successive generations of maltsters. The Litovel site, built in 1890, has even preserved an ancestral process known as “floor malting”, which produces an authentic malt that gives the beer particular sensory qualities.

Bojos, the best barley variety for authentic Czech malt

A Czech exclusive

The Bojos variety is grown only in the Czech Republic, mainly in Moravia, one of the country’s major agricultural regions.

100% indigenous

Bojos is the result of a long selection of exclusively local barley varieties.

To be processed into Pils malt and the traditional Czech Pils

Unrivalled organoleptic characteristics

Our Czech malt is distinguished by organoleptic qualities ideal for brewing authentic Pils : the perfect balance between the roundness of honey and subtle herbal notes.

Sweet flavour

For a beer with a golden colour and an inimitable lightness.

To help you create the authentic Pils you want !

Our certified Pilsen malt from the Czech Republic is the perfect answer to the needs of brewers who want to offer their customers an authentic Pils via a transparent and high-quality approach. Make a difference to your customers and give your beer the malt it deserves.

An invitation to travel

Do you want to take your consumers on a journey and breathe the soul of the Czech Republic into your beer with a 100% local malt?


Are you looking for an atypical, high-quality malt to differentiate yourself and create a unique and exceptional beer?


Do you want to brew your Pils in the purest Czech brewing tradition with a certified-origin malt that gives your beer unique organoleptic characteristics?

To satisfy consumers’ thirst for discovery and demand for transparency

Increasingly, consumers see their everyday products as a way to get away, to travel, or to discover new things. Our malt offers the promise of experiencing new things through a product from a different place. Its certified origin and ancestral know-how will meet the expectations of beer consumers in terms of authenticity, quality and reassurance about the origin of the products they consume.

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I’m choosing Czech malt

Are you interested in Czech malt? Leave us your contact details. We will contact you soon.

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